Before I Become Famous…

Heyyy! If you’re reading this then congratulations, you are about to experience some breathtaking, amazing (astonishing even), words from your *soon-to-be* famous black girl! Becoming famous is not for the basic but rather for a rarer breed of fabulous females *like myself*. With New York as my role model, I know I can be the baddest and boujee-est in all the land! ______Just kidding, I’m not that much of a diva *at least I hope not*…..

But really, I’m so glad you were able to clear some time and join me today! I came up with the idea to start TFBG when I looked up “how to become famous”. I found a great article on the New York Post entitled ” 11 ‘Foolproof’ Tips to Become Famous” by Gregory E. Miller. And while “beef up your resume with a stripper past” and “start a feud on Twitter” were some great options, I decided to just go with the things I’m good at: writing and always bringing up the points no one ever thinks of or mentions too often. And well, I’m here now just writing away, awaiting the knock of fame on my door *sigh*. While I must admit, putting your whole self and opinions out into the world isn’t easy, but I had to take Eleanor Roosevelt’s advice and “do one thing a day that scares me”. Now I know you’re might be thinking “okay cool story bro. but who is thatfamousblackgirl?”


My name is Alexis, but I’ve taken on the alias of A. because I think it sounds cool… you know you’d be surprised by how many nicknames you can get out of the name Alexis. I am 17, and senior (can’t believe it I’m a year away from college), black, and born in the USA. I’ve lived an interesting and to some unbelievable life and hopefully my sharing will inspire you guys! Thank you so much for reading and sending me messages, it means the so much to me!

A. ❤


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