L I S T E N I N G  T O 🎧 🎼 : “Mrs. Potato Head” by Melanie Martinez

“Oh Mrs. Potato Head tell me, is it true that pain is beauty?”

That infamous smell. Yeah you know the one… as soon as you open the door the severe scent of acetone, nail polish, and acrylic powder attack your nostrils. But this is a natural smell of the female domain. The nail salon —— a place where women (and sometimes men) get beautified every few weeks. As a little girl, you are brought here to learn how to look “presentable” and “put together”.

Now on any normal nail salon trip, I’ll get the usual : a manicure and an eyebrow waxing. No big deal right? I mean, yeah I don’t want to sit for an hour or more getting my nails soaked, and while the waxing is painful (and normally makes my eyes mist) , it does not compare to threading (which is probably the most painful thing you could do to your face!!!). But it’s nothing, it’s what girls are supposed to do to make themselves look well groomed and attractive for…themselves maybe? or others?

But on this particular day, as winter’s whispers are just beginning, I walk into the salon, sign-in, and pick my color. When the nail tech asks me if I wanted my eyebrows done, before I could utter a sound, a voice as cool and clear as the wind outside asks me simply “Why do you go through so much pain over so few little hairs?”. It stunned me. Up until this moment, I never really reflected on why I even did this. It wasn’t necessarily because I loved it (it was painful and time consuming), but rather because society had conditioned me to think that this was “just what girls had to do” to be presentable to the world. From that moment on, I set my own beauty standards, and for me, I refused to go through painful processes for minor “flaws” a.k.a. things I’m born with that are actually beautiful since they make me genuinely ‘me’.}

My nails were of a similar story. I was about to get my nails done and with SNS (your natural nails grow to acrylic length), so they were pretty long. Well one of them broke right before my salon visit *biggest eye roll of ever  🙄*  so all of my nails had to be cut down very short. And this time that voice said “No more long nails. You’ll need your hands to do work”. What this “work” is I don’t know yet, maybe it’s this blog, but I just know that my nails are fine with some simple polish on them, and I don’t have to spend up to an hour and a half (on a good day) sitting in a nail salon “getting pretty”.

Look, I’m not trying to make you feel bad if you do these things. It’s perfectly fine to get your nails, toes, eyebrows, and whatever else done! But make sure it’s because YOU WANT TO , not because you feel like it’s your civic duty to uphold the standard of beauty the world has presented to us!

And that’s all I have to say about that… Thank you for reading ❤

P.S. Do you have anything in your life that needs to be off-fleek for a while?

~thatfamousblackgirl 👸🏾









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