Heyyy! Glad you asked…

When you hang out on this site, you’ll not only get the black girl’s perspective on things, but you’ll also get to read the ideas/opinions of many other Millennials / Gen. Z individuals who will show all the sides of a coin (and yes there are more than just two). Be prepared to read posts from both the male and female side of things ( because it canĀ get very interesting…). And yeah while some topics and issues may be “controversial” or “taboo”Ā  just think about it. If these issues are never talked about how in the world will any solutions be found??? (they won’t be, that was a rhetoricalĀ question).

Ā If you are a close minded individual (ConservativeĀ or LiberalĀ – yes I said Liberal) then this place might be just what you need to broaden your scope on the world and the soulsĀ living within it. And if it’s not, that’s okay too I understand. And just as a fair warning, I might get a little sassy sometimes but it’s with purpose. Thank you so much for reading and stay fly! =)

p.s. feel free to share any of the posts you read and even share your own thoughts with me, I would LOVE to read them and maybe even publish them if you’d like! (never know, it might make youĀ famous)

p.s.s. IĀ will make posts about Jesus occasionally,Ā you don’t have to read them; He’s simply too good not to share ā¤

your famous black girl,

Ā  Ā  Ā ~A.Ā , age 17, female, black, born in theĀ USA.Ā 


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